Meeting Minutes – 4-28-2016


April 28, 2016 7 PM Central time.

Roll Call – A Quorum was present.

The following were present:
President Angela Ingraham
Vice-President Jack Rowland
Secretary Pro Tem/Treasurer Kim Consol
Region 5 Director Rico Silvera
Region 2 Director Susan Williamson joined the meeting right after roll call.

Not present:
Region 3 Director Deborah Neimann-Boehle
Region 4 Director Heather Nesler
Advisor to the Board Kevin Fall

Approval of Minutes

The February Minutes were submitted to board members prior to the meeting.
There were no objections. The President declared the Minutes approved for

Treasurer’s Reports

The February and March Treasurer’s Report were submitted to board members
prior to the meeting. There were questions and discussion regarding Quickbooks
and the financial reports. The President declared the February and March
Treasurer’s Reports to go on record.

The 2016 Budget

The Finance Committee’s Sample Budget for 2016 had been submitted to the
board in March for review. Questions on the Budget were answered, prior to this
meeting. More questions were asked during the meeting.

There were questions from Director Silvera and discussion regarding tax filing
requirements, which the Treasurer answered. More questions and discussion
ensued. The President stated that the board is “following the advice of both the
CPA and the attorney… we’re not to do anything until we get our 501(c)(5).”
There were more questions from Director Silvera, which were answered.

The Treasurer called Director Silvera, out of order, due to his continuing objectional
and disorderly manner. Director Silvera asked questions and started discussing
the registrar.
Director Silvera left the meeting.

The Treasurer made “a motion to approve the budget as it is in the sample.” Jack
Rowland seconded the motion. The President asked if all were in favor. None
were opposed. The motion to approve the budget passed.

Updated Article of Incorporation

The original Article of Incorporation for AGHA was filed for a 501(c)(3). Since a
501(c)(5) is more appropriate for an agricultural organization, a lawyer has
written an updated Article of Incorporation for AGHA. Questions, necessary
changes & corrections to her draft were discussed, including options for an
official address for AGHA.
Jack Rowland made a “motion to approve the Articles of Incorporation as
modified by the board”. Susan Williamson seconded the motion. None opposed.

Genetic Recovery Policy

Corrections to the policy & questions were discussed. An accurate membership
list for MailChimp is needed, before submitting this to members. Jack Rowland
made a motion to approve the policy as modified. Susan Williamson seconded the
motion. None opposed.

Name Changes in Adult Hogs

Discussion was made regarding changing hogs’ names, after they have produced
offspring, and requiring approval of the breeder before a name change. Research
on other registries revealed that no registries allow name changes on registered
stock that have produced offspring. It was discussed that this is not a policy
change, so does not need to be presented to the members. Angela made a motion
to “have a two part registration ruling that any name change must be approved
by the breeder, and part two being, no name changes will be allowed after the pig
has progeny. Motion was seconded. All were in favor.
It was noted that the registrar would be notified and it would be written on the
website and registration form.

Mother Earth News Fair

A livestock exhibit at the MENF is free of charge, if we take animals, $275.
without hogs. No selling allowed, if no fee is paid. Lodging costs were discussed,
as well as other costs associated with participating. Angela made a motion that
we have an AGH display, with live animals, at the Albany OR and West Bend WI
Mother Earth News Fairs”. Motion was seconded. All were in favor. Budget to be
decided, but approx. $500. per show.

Litter Notifications

Litter notifications were discussed, which would be in addition to litter
registration. The purpose would be to have a count of how many piglets are being
born. This would be a quick form to fill out, with no charge. This subject will be
explored more in the future.


The current by laws were read in regard to length of officer terms and filling in
for resigned board members. Some of the current board members are filling out
the terms for board members who resigned, which makes it impossible to follow
the years for election in the by laws. Angela is filling in for Jesse, who was filling
in for Ron’s term as President. So, Angela should be filling out Ron’s term,
however Ron was elected in 2014, which was not in accordance with the by laws.
Kim also took over the Treasurer position from Nancy. So, it is not possible to
determine the terms of the current officers or to follow the by laws as written for
elections, at this time.
Angela proposed that we adopt 2017 for the President and Treasurer (if
Treasurer is a sole position), 2018 for Vice President, and 2019 for Secretary (or
if the Secretary/Treasurer is a combined position.) That would mean no elections
this year, which does follow the by laws as they stand. Regional Directors have
two year terms.


The board is aware that a newsletter needs to be produced, however the board
members are so busy with other board responsibilities that there has not been
time. Volunteers are needed in order to have a newsletter written on a regular

Meeting adjourned by Angela Ingraham 8:30 pm CST