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Why Raise Guinea Hogs?

They Are Endangered

  • DNA Verified as a Unique Hog Species
  • Classified as Threatened by the Livestock Conservancy
  • Valuable Genetic Resource
endangered status
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They Are a Pleasure to Work With

  • Calm, Gentle Temperaments

  • Get Along Well With Other Livestock

  • Moderate Size at Maturity (150-350 lbs.)

    • Makes Home Processing Easier

    • Makes Day-to-Day Handling Easier

    • Makes Them Easier on Farm Infrastructure

  • Variations in Size Offer Something for Every Farmer

They are Hardy & Thrifty

  • Expert Foragers

  • Require Far Less Supplemental Feed than Larger Breeds

  • Work Well in Livestock Rotation Systems

  • Perfect for Rejuvenating Unused Acreage

  • Adapt Well to All Climates

  • Sows Normally Farrow Easily and Without Assistance

AGHA pork

They Produce Superior Pork

  • American Guinea Hogs Produce Pork With Unparalleled Flavor, Texture, and Quality – Far Superior to Grocery Store Pork

  • The Fat Is a Creamy, Melts-in-Your-Mouth Delight

  • Mature Hogs (15+ months of age) Provide a Nice, Well-Marbled Carcass.

  • Juvenile Hogs Make Top-notch Roasters.

  • The Muscle:Fat Ratio Is Ideal for Charcuterie

Their Lard is Nutritious and Useful

  • Cooking

  • Soap Making

  • Candle Making

  • Skin Care Products

soap lard

Guinea Hogs


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Guinea Hogs?