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Mail In Registration Forms

Click on a link below to print or download the PDF form




Farm Name: The name by which a farm is known. E.g. Goats ‘n Hogs High Heaven on Paradise Hill.

Herd Prefix: A short, unique identifier of letters (letters and numbers are also possible) that precedes a guinea hog’s registered name and will be printed on the animal’s pedigree as well as those of any offspring. E.g. GNHH or G3HPH. A short name, such as the breeder’s name can be used. E.g. Biggers, Celesky, etc.

If a Herd Prefix was not chosen at the time of membership application, please indicate Herd Prefix choice and select “Yes” from the radio button when requesting a Tag Prefix. Otherwise, email and with your Herd Prefix choice.

Tag Prefix: Exactly 3 letters. No numbers permitted. E.g. GNH or HHH or GHP, etc. These three letters precede a farm unique number on an animal’s ear tag.  The AGHA does not endorse any ear tag vendors, but all browsers will present many different vendors and many tag choices.

If using 840 tags, Tag prefix is not required since 840 tags already contain farm identifying information. Each state has its own rules on how to get an 840 tag premise / farm ID. The best place to start the process of a farm / premise ID is the state’s Department of Agriculture.