Meeting Minutes – 2-29-2016


February 29, 2016 7 PM Central time.

Roll Call – A Quorum was present.

The following were present:

President Angela Ingraham
Vice-President Jack Rowland
Secretary Pro Tem/Treasurer Kim Consol
Region 2 Director Susan Williamson
Region 3 Director Deborah Neimann-Boehle
Region 5 Director Rico Silvera
Advisor to the Board Kevin Fall

Not present:
Region 4 Director Heather Nesler
Approval of January Minutes

The January Minutes were submitted to board members prior to the
meeting. There were no questions. Jack Rowland made a motion to
approve the Minutes. None opposed. President declared the Minutes

January Treasurer’s Report

The January Treasurer’s Report was submitted to board members
prior to the meeting. There were no questions. President declared the
January Treasurer’s Report to go on record.

2015 Financial Reports

The 2015 Annual Statement of Activities and Balance Sheet, plus
charts on monthly AGHA income sources, were submitted to board
members prior to the meeting.
The Treasurer had been advised by the Finance Committee that the
IRS requires non profits to keep the annual revenues over profits in a
category called the General Fund. Rico Silvera made a motion to allow
the Treasurer to establish an account named “General Fund”. All
were in favor, none opposed.

Deborah Neimann-Boehle asked for a correction on the wording in the
Charts, that “Units Sold” be changed to dollar amounts. The
Treasurer said that she would make the corrections.

Rico asked whether 1099s had been sent out. The Treasurer replied
that the Registrar’s 1099 had been sent out on time, and that one
would also be sent to the attorney. Rico stated that the webmaster
should also receive a 1099.

Rico asked whether we had ever received clarification on whether the
$5000. income exemption for filing a full tax return was based on
gross or net revenue. The Treasurer said she would find out the


Rico had a question for Jack about whether the website had a way to
identify memberships- how many we were losing, how many were
new. This relates to the need for advertising. Jack did not know,
regarding the website, but suggested the PayPal records as a source
of that data. Kim stated that she is working on a list for 2015, with
that information.

Hobby Farms Magazine Ad

Deborah made a motion to purchase a Hobby Farms box ad, 1/9 page,
in the $500. range, in the May/June and Sept./Oct. issues. None were

Committee report regarding Beardsley Auction

The auction produced a profit. A suggestion was made to have
everything set up ahead of time, next time, so that piglets can be
transported while still small.


Jack made a motion to allow the webmaster two additional blocks, in
order to redo the breeders plug in and rework the layout of the
breeders page. None opposed.

Genetic Recovery & Diversity Initiative Revision discussion

Rico made a motion that we vote to accept the submission, the
revision, as it is currently written. Angela seconded the motion. Vote
was held by roll call and was unanimous to approve the revision
It will now be submitted to the AGHA membership for their feedback.


Jack requested that we discuss elections in the next meeting.

Next board meeting will be Mar. 21 at 8 pm EST

Meeting adjourned by Angela Ingraham 9:12 pm EST