Meeting Minutes – 5-27-2016


May 27, 2016 7 PM Central time.

Roll Call – A Quorum was present.

The following were present:
President Angela Ingraham
Vice-President Jack Rowland
Secretary Pro Tem/Treasurer Kim Consol
Region 2 Director Susan Williamson
Region 3 Director Deborah Neimann-Boehle
Region 5 Director Rico Silvera
Not present:
Region 4 Director Heather Nesler
Advisor to the Board Kevin Fall


Region 5 Director Rico Silvera stated that he would soon be submitting his
resignation from the AGHA board, since he will no longer be raising Guinea Hogs.
He left the meeting after this announcement.

Approval of Minutes

The April Minutes were submitted to board members prior to the meeting. There
were corrections made, then the edited Minutes were approved for record.

Treasurer’s Report

The April Treasurer’s Report was submitted to board members prior to the
meeting. There were no questions regarding the document. The President
declared the April Treasurer’s Reports to go on record.

Newsletter Update

Region 2 Director Susan Williamson reported that Tori Rozanski would be
updating the newsletter with a new design. It will feature biographies of
members, articles, recipes and cooking tips, veterinary information, and a
question & answer section.

MEN Fair

Treasurer/Secretary Kim Consol and Region 3 Director Deborah Neimann-Boehle
discussed their preparations for representation of AGHA at the Oregon and
Wisconsin Mother Earth News Fairs.

Attorney’s updated bill

President Angela Ingraham made a motion to approve the updated fee
agreement, to be an estimated $3500. plus an estimated $500. filing fee, with the
Jessica Birken Law firm. VP Jack Rowland seconded the motion. Motion passed.
Update on Attorney’s contract for Registrar
The board discussed the attorney’s recommendations regarding the Registrar’s

Name Change Proposal

The board discussed the new policy on name changes: A) Hogs that have not
produced offspring:
Name changes of Registered Hogs is allowed only with the permission of the
breeder. If the breeder cannot be contacted for any reason, including if the
breeder is deceased, no name change will be allowed. Owner will be responsible
for cost of new pedigree and will arrange for the breeder to contact the Registrar,
via e-mail or letter, with the required permission form.
B) Hogs that have produced registered offspring:
No name changes will be allowed for any reason once the hogs have registered
***Notification of the policy will announced in the newsletter as well as being
added to the Registration pages

Litter Notification

To determine the population number of all Guinea Hogs, both registered and
unregistered, the board discussed having a simple Litter Notification form.

Provisional Registration

Discussion was held regarding The Livestock Conservancy’s suggestion that we
have a 3 generation provisional registration, for hogs that do not have registered
sire & dam and have applied for registration under the new policy. This will be
added to the new policy.

Current Member/Breeder list
President Angela Ingraham and Treasurer/Secretary Kim Consol have been
working on a current Members List and Angela will notify members who have not
paid their dues.

Meeting adjourned by Angela Ingraham 9:49 pm EST