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Ownership Transfer

The breeder/seller must be a member in good standing in order to transfer their registered hogs to a new owner.

If the hog being transferred was registered using the litter registration process, then submission of this online form and the required transfer fee is all that is required to transfer ownership.

This form may also be used when transferring a hog that already has an embossed, hard copy individual registration certificate.  By using this form, the owner/breeder agrees to destroy the registration certificate in their possession so that a new registration certificate can be issued by the AGHA to the Buyer(s).  NOTE:  Seller/Breeder may also choose to transfer ownership by completing and signing the transfer portion of the embossed registration certificate and returning that certificate, via US Mail, to the Registrar along with the $10 per animal transfer fee.  A new certificate will then be issued by the AGHA in the buyer’s name.

For more information see Registration and Transfer Procedures

Please allow 4-6 weeks for your paperwork to be processed.

This form is only available to registered AGHA members. Please either log in or become a member.