Meeting Minutes – 5-2-2017


May 2, 2017 9 PM Central time.

President Angela Ingraham called an informal meeting for board members at 8 pm, Eastern time.

In attendance were:
President Angela Ingraham
Secretary Pro Tem/Treasurer Kim Consol
Region 2 Director Susan Williamson
Region 3 Director Deborah Niemann-Boehle
Region 5 Director Wendy McDaniel
Board Member at Large Donna Hertlein

Not present:
Vice-President Jack Rowland
Region 4 Director Heather Nesler


The problems that caused the shut down of the website were discussed. It needs to be fixed ASAP. The current webmaster has given an estimate of at least $5000.00 to fix the issues and install the pedigree database. A member has referred another web designer, who can do this for much less. We discussed that option. Angela asked that we all look at the website pages and decide what content should be saved and which should be eliminated. She asked for input from all board members on this, during the next week.

Genetic Recovery Initiative Hogs

Needed information on some applicant hogs was brought to the board’s attention.

Herd Census

There has been minimal response to the Herd Census. Solutions for this were discussed. Regional directors will help by contacting members that have not sent back their forms.


Jessica Creighton will attend the MENFair in VT for AGHA. Wendy will send her the remaining calendars and, if needed, the banner.

Meeting was concluded at 9:43 pm Central time.