Meeting Minutes 4-16-2014

Present: Ron, Nancy, Kevin, Angela, Jesse, Heather, Theresa
Absent: Eric, Ann, Kim, Paul
Minutes from March meeting approved: Ron called, Kevin seconded

Kevin announced formal resignation from the Board, mentioned that he will be available for general breed questions.

New Business:
AGHA Board of Directors will not be supporting the AGHA Drift, financially or in concept at this point.

Discussion of progression of Board Member positions, specifically the now open Vice President position
Ron will send out an e-mail indicating the duties of the vice president and asking the Board members to suggest a nominee for the position

Vice president should be willing to perform all duties and be willing to move up to President as a natural progression of duties

Nancy went over the budget and the budget was approved

Discussion of newsletter deadline and Ron, Angela and Theresa had articles ready or near completion

Discussion regarding “Grading Up” of unregistered stock, Kevin had been approached via an e-mail from Godsend Rico Farm as to whether it was a possibility. The board members were not generally in favor of the idea at this time due to various reasons including stock sold by the breeder specifically as Un-registered stock being registered at a later date against the desire of the breeder. Also due to the lack at this time of a working DNA test, 100% AGHA stock could not be identified. Also discussed was the meaning of Grading Up, for those of us unfamiliar in that unregistered stock would be bred to registered for several generations at which time those offspring could be registered. Proposal was generally tabled at this time

Angela asked if there were other members who waited longer than the 90 day litter registration window to register breeding stock. The question was posed due to the cost of a litter registration vs. individual hog registration. She was concerned about registering animals that would later be deemed unworthy of becoming breeding stock. Kevin indicated that the Association was thankful for the extra income, thank you very much 🙂 , and that it was fine to go ahead and register more piglets initially than may actually stay in the breeding pool.

Nancy will give Ron the passwords for all accounts
Next meeting was set at May 9th, 7p.m. Central time