Meeting Minutes 2-7-2014

Roll Call
In Attendance: Kevin, Angela, Heather, Jesse, Ron, Nancy, Kim, Teresa
Not Present: Eric, Paul and Ann

Treasurer’s Report
Majority of paperwork to get the position of treasurer switched over from Paul to Nancy is just about complete.
Slight hold up getting the Paypal account switched over.
$12,216.71 Account
$2,039.24 Paypal account
Total of $14,255.95

The accounting “Quick Books” not yet figured out-focusing on getting treasure switched over at this time.
Paid $757.00 to Ron for newsletter
$117.00 to Ruth for some expenses
End of treasurer report

Ready to go to the printer when check arrives to pay for printing.. should go out in 3 days after Ron takes it to printer.
Aim to do quarterly newsletter
Need Volunteers to contribute articles, work on putting together the newsletter (editing, proofing, placement)
Possibility of some of these articles that are used in AGHA newsletters to be published in magazines
Around 3000 guinea hogs have been registered
Suggestion made to put in a future newsletter or on the website that members update their guinea hog numbers/records and remove any culled, deceased, sold but as unregistered etc.

262 Annual Members
20 Lifetime Members

349 Users
284 Active Members
9 in a pending file
Other News
Kevin is seeing a need-demand for breeders and stressed that we need to continue to bring this breed to people’s attention.
Small discussion of building some sort of database/network of where these needs are-markets?

Discussed how Ron and Ann have been getting several emails from people wanting to register hogs.
It was decided to remove certain wording (Unknown heritage) on AGHA website. *I believe Ron took care of that during our meeting.
Small discussion of coming up with some sort of “generic” reply message to these types of questions. But we didn’t discuss this generic message/reply any further.

?Angela? (I think) brought up a 3rd facebook page called American Guinea Hog Drift. Small discussion about the different state requirements concerning hogs across state lines and any issues we felt this could create along with is this needed? No further action or discussion.

Nancy mentioned concerns about the auto renew for membership. Kevin stated that AGHA paid additional money to have the website prompt them to confirm? this auto renew. Ron read what was stated on the website and it does disclose that the annual membership is on auto renew……. and that is also states how you can change this in your paypal dashboard-manage subscriptions.

Nancy also asked if we wanted to apply for non profit status. It was decided that she will look into this more and that if we need to hire a lawyer for a few hours to help with the legal paperwork etc that would be okay.
Also mentioned getting the books audited and question about income taxes and Kevin agreed this was also something we could look into and do.

When they were first starting to bring AGH back from the critical status only 55 known animals but only 26 were breedable animals when the AGHA was first getting up and going.
In 2013 Ron stated that 1,267 new piglets were registered.

Managing Breeds for a Secure Future: D. Phillip Sponenberg & Donald E. Bixby

Taking Stock: The North American Livestock Census by Donald E. Bixby, Carolyn J. Christmas and D. Phillip Spononberg

No further questions, comments or concerns. Meeting was adjourned.