Meeting Minutes 3-6-2015

AGHA Board Minutes – 3-6-2015

March 6, 2015, telephonically, began 9Pm Eastern, ended 11PM eastern

Ron Farnsworth, AGHA President was the Chair, Ann Glass was Secretary

Voting members present: Ron Farnsworth, Ann Glass, Kim Consol, Cathy Payne, Heather Nesler, Angela Ingraham, Nancy Gaedke, Jesse McDanial, Teresa Hord
A quorum is present
Ron read the minutes from the last meeting and they were corrected and approved.
The Treasures report was accepted

Motions made

(Ron)” I make a motion to resend the restriction of inbreeding registrations that was passed in the last meeting” The motion was discussed and the motion passed.
(Cathy) “I move to rescind the motion adopted at our February meeting that amended the previous breed description dated 1/25/2009. If rescinded, the board will reinstate the breed description dated 1/25/2009 as originally written”. The motion was discussed and the motion failed to pass.

The following committees were established:

  • By-laws; Cathy Payne, Jesse McDanial
  • Annual Membership meeting; Kim Consol
  • Website, Ron Farnsworth; Heather Nesler
  • Breeders/buyers guide; Teresa Hord, Cathy Payne, Nancy Gaedke
  • Newsletter; Cathy Payne

Unfinished business

Jonathan is running into some issues linking breeders assist to the website and hope to have answers in the near future.
Newsletter articles were discussed and suggestion were made to write different feeding articles from the different regions
New business
Website issues were discussed and a committee established
The 5 letters the board received were discussed and it was decided that the Regional Directors would compose a letter of response to the ones in their districts.
COI% will now be put on future litter registrations

Next meeting April 10th 2015 8Pm Eastern time