Meeting Minutes 1-9-2015

AGHA Board Minutes – 1/9/2015

Members present: Ron Farnsworth, Jesse McDaniel, Ann Glass, and Cathy Payne
Members absent: Teresa Hord, Nancy Gaedke, Kim Consol, Angela Ingraham

The next deadline for newsletter submissions is April 1 (No Fooling). The newsletter is scheduled to go out April 15.

Kevin Fall has old documents and information he needs to write down regarding the foundation lines of AGH. The board voted to compensate him for materials, etc to archive this information. Exact compensation to be determined later.

1087 AGH piglets were registered in 1987. AGHA now has 418 members.

Unregistered hogs were discussed and voted that we stay with our registration process. The parents must be registered, and a hard copy with original seal and registrar’s signature must be held by the owner of the hog(s) If someone other than the owner of record wants to register the litter, they cannot use a photocopy of the parent’s pedigree to register the hog.

Ear notching or ear tags must are required to register a litter. The online form is being corrected so that it will not allow that requirement to be bypassed.

The next meeting is February 6, 9pm Eastern time.