Meeting Minutes 2-6-2015

AGHA Board Meeting – 2-6-2015

February 6, 2015, telephonically, began 9pm Eastern, ended 11pm Eastern

Ron Farnsworth, AGHA President was the Chair, Secretary was Ann Glass

Voting members present: Ron Farnsworth, Ann Glass, Kim Consol, Cathy Payne, Heather Nesler, Angela Ingraham.

Kevin Fall, board advisor, was present.

Ron Farnsworth read the previous month’s minutes. No corrections were made.

Motions made:

Ron Farnsworth made the motion, “I make a motion that we compensate Kevin Fall $18 an hour, with an estimate of 20 hours, to provide breed history and on has knowledge of, document it, and make copies of documents already in his possession.” Motion was adopted.

Ron Farnsworth made the motion, “I make a motion when we can provide breeding coefficients, and this service is provided to AGHA members only. I haven’t got a response back on what this would entail”. Motion was adopted.

Ron Farnsworth made the motion, “I make a motion that inbreeding of sister/brother, father/daughter, mother/son be flagged by the registrar. The breeder will have to write to the board why they are breeding in this manner, such as for specific traits or other reasons, and such registrations would be considered by the board on a case by case basis. This should be in the newsletter and effective May 2015”. Motion was adopted.

Ron Farnsworth made the motion, “I motion that all hogs with excessive white not be registered starting immediately”. Motion was adopted.

No reports were given at this meeting.

Newsletter articles and pictures are due April 1, 2015, and the newsletter should go out by April 15, 2015.

It was suggested a buyer’s guide be put on the website for people new to AGH. Brainstorm ideas and send to Ron.

Regional elections are coming up in the spring. Announce it in the April newsletter. It will be for Regions 1, 4, and 6. Cathy was just elected, and the other Region’s reps are also officers, so not up for election yet.

The next monthly AGHA Board Meeting will be held March 6, 2015 at 9pm Eastern time.