Meeting Minutes 2-8-2013

American Guinea Hog Association – Board Meeting Friday February 8th 2012 at 7pm CST

Kevin Fall (KF)
Paul Krumm (PK)
Cynthia H. Fort-Lewis (CHF-L)
All on call by 8:00 EST, except Scott Wall (SW) Meeting began 8:10 EST


  1. Secretary Report (CHF-L) reads last minutes, KF makes motion to accept, PK seconds, all accept motion passed
  2. Treasurers Report (PK) $10,558.10 Few more deduction than usual. Epson Printer $119.25, Hobby Farms Advertisement for full year $228, Secretary of State $16, Adobe for Photoshop $21.65 and GeneSeek $420. (admission from PK last deposit went into personal account, when mistake was caught funds were promptly places into business AGHA account KF makes motion to accept, CHF-L seconds all accept motion passed.
  3. Resignation of Victoria Patton (all BOD)
  4. Old Business
    1. 501c3 (KF & PK) Tabled
    2. New By-Law change proposal (KF & PK) How can we change the bylaws? PK through the MinnesotaStatues Sub2 the power is vested in the board of directors. The AGHA bylaws have in article X 10.1 and 10.2, but they are not in the Article of Incorporation, therefor by default the board can change bylaws and the article 10.1 and 10.2 is void. PK we need to amend the Articles of Incorporation which Don did in the past with 302.A submitted to the State of Minnesota. PK will look up the Article 302.A and follow up with BOD. Each director needs to go through the bylaws and see what they feel needs to be changes, e-mail to the BOD and bring to the table in next board meeting.
    3. Cell Phone update plans and cost (CHF-L) Tabled
  5. Website updates (SW) CHF-L covered due to SW absences, web team/Bryan has 24 – 48 turnaround time to answer questions for members who are having website / log – in issues. E-mail attached for information on hiring them for monthly webmaster and work.from: Bryan Conte
    to: Jonathon, me, ScottGood Morning –
    Cynthia, I will reach out to Ruth to see what I can help with. I’d also be more than happy to provide an estimate for the web upkeep. I think if you could provide a brief description on the types of maintenance you would need, that I would be better able to provide a proper estimate. If it’s just what I’ve been doing, membership setup, emails to members, tweaks to the website, uploads, etc. – that’s easy enough as I already have an understanding of those.Here’s how it would work. I would estimate how much time I think you’d need per month towards website tasks and then that would be transferred into our block system. Our blocks are $19.95 per block for monthly plans versus $24.95 for pay-as-you-go so you’d be much better off doing the monthly. Each block is 20 minutes of time dedicated to a task. The block price would be added to the monthly hosting for the website which will be $12.50/mo soon.

    I also want to let you know that if our estimate is off and you find yourself not using most of your blocks each month, we can amend your monthly blocks at a later time to reflect that and reduce your costs. On the opposite if you end up using your blocks up and find yourself needing more, then we’ll let you know at that time that you’re out of blocks and that we need to invoice additional blocks for the tasks that need to be completed, or the task(s) can be moved over to the next month and be completed with next months blocks.

    I hope I didn’t confuse you on any of that.
    Here’s a quick example for illustration purposes:
    Hosting Charge: $12.50/month
    6 Blocks = 2 hours of website maintenance per month = $119.70/month Total: 132.20/month

  1. Registrar to join the board meetings (all BOD) PK if the registrar has questions for the board s/he may come to the BOD meetings. KF this needs to be a bylaw change, since it states that the registrar must attend all BOD meetings. KF is going to find out if Ruth has been adding up all the time she has spent on the phone as part of her totally for time spent. PK, what she has now for hours/payment is around $19-$20 an hour. PK never had a registrar that gave such detailed information for time spent on paperwork and other AGHA business, very helpful for her cost.
  2. Set date for next board meeting (all BOD) Doodle for next Board Meeting on Tuesday February 12th 2013 @ 7:00pm CST, e-mail will be sent out by secretary.
  3. Meeting adjourned @ 8:57 EST