Meeting Minutes 1-10-2013

American Guinea Hog Association – Board Meeting Thursday January 10th 2012 at 7pm CST

Kevin Fall (KF)
Paul Krumm (PK)
Cynthia H. Fort-Lewis (CHF-L)
Victoria Patton (VP)
All on call by 8:04 EST, except Scott Wall (SW)


  1. Secretary Report (CHF-L) reads last minutes, KF makes motion to accept, PK seconds, all accept motion passed.
  2. Treasurers Report (PK) $12, 136.31 as of January 1st 2013 KF makes motion to accept, CHF-L seconds all accept motion passed.
  3. Old Business
    a. 501c3 (KF & PK) tabled – PK needs to talk with KF, need more info from SW person who may help.
  4. New By-Law change proposal (KF) Annual Meeting/by-law change, KF can we remove the annual meeting for by-law changes (PK) we need to check the law with the State of Minnesota, they may require it in the law for our non-profit classification/nonprofit corporation. KF we need a proposal on how to write up by-law changes by January 15th.
  5. New Registrar (KF) who is she (briefly), when will she get registrar computer and paperwork? Change of address on all PDF Forms, website. When will she get started? KF Her name is Ruth Bennett, address: 19941 S Ave Dallas Center IA 50063. Her phone number: (515) 344 – 9841. Her e-mail: rhope87(Replace with @)
  6. Website update (SW) How close are we going “live”? Beta Start up next week.
  7. Adverting in Hobby Farms (KF) Budget for advertising one full year with Hobby Farms Magazine. (PK) thinks that would be beneficial to have an ad in the magazine for a long period of time.
  8. Reimbursements for Don Oberdorfer (KF) Don drove to Jessica Bensens to pick up all the registrar equipment and paperwork. He also mailed all of it to Kevin. KF a refund would be for driving to and from at 20$ an hour / $0.26 – $130 + $200 and the cost of mailing 92# is $210.
  9. Printer, keyboard and mouse for registrar (KF) PK will look into the Epson since they can have ink cartridges manually filled and are cheaper in the long run. PK will call Ruth to find out what she would like for a keyboard and a mouse. KF makes a motion to accept, VP seconds, all accept motion passed.
  10. Cell phones for the registrar and the president (CHF-L) There would be more consistency if there were phones for the president and the registrar since then when there is a change of person the phone goes to the next registrar or president. Looks more professional to have a set number. CHF-L will look into the services and the costs.
  11. Set date for next board meeting (all BOD) February 7th at 7:00pm CST
  12. Meeting adjourned @ 8:51 EST