Meeting Minutes – 1-25-2016


January 1, 2016 7 PM Central time.

Meeting was held by conference call.

Roll Call – A Quorum was present.

The following were present:

President Angela Ingraham
Vice-President Jack Rowland
Secretary Pro Tem/Treasurer Kim Consol
Region 2 Director Susan Wiliamson
Region 3 Director Deborah Neimann-Boehle
Region 4 Director Heather Nesler

Not present:
Region 5 Director Rico Silvera
Advisor to the Board Kevin Fall

December Treasurer’s Report

The December 2015 Treasurer’s Report was submitted to board
members prior to meeting for examination. The President asked if
there were any questions and stated that the Treasurer’s Report
would be filed for audit.

Approval of December Minutes

December Meeting Minutes were submitted to board members prior
to meeting for examination. There were no questions or corrections
requested. The President asked if there was anyone opposed to
approving the minutes. Deborah Neimann-Boehle asked to abstain,
since she was not present for the December meeting. All remaining
members were in favor of approving the minutes.

Committee reports

The President asked if there needed to be any discussion or reports
from committees.

Jack Rowland requested that a date be set for the auction of the
Beardsley piglets.
It was decided that the first auction would begin on Friday, Jan. 29th.
Deborah will post information about the auction on Facebook group
pages. Jack will send information via a Mailchimp notice.

Angela stated that she does have a couple volunteers for the Website
& Newsletter Committee and that they would get started soon.


The President discussed making a motion to place ads in The Small
Farmer’s Journal and Hobby Farms magazine. She asked if there was
any opposition. Kim Consol stated that she approved of The Small
Farmer’s Journal ad but wanted to discuss the Hobby Farms ad.
Decision on Hobby Farms ad was tabled for the time being and will be
discussed at the next meeting. The motion to place the ad in The
Small Farmer’s Journal was passed without opposition.
The President later added that a links & benefits page suggested by
Rico Silvera be implemented which would link the advertisers with
our website, if this can give AGHA members a discount.

Discussion of Proposed AGH Genetic Recovery and Diversity

The current procedures for registering hogs whose transfers or
paperwork were not done properly, that have registered sire & dam,
was explained by Angela Ingraham.
Regarding the new policy, deciding which board & committee
members would be involved in the submission process was discussed,
as well as policy and appeal criteria. The deletion and addition of
phrases were suggested. It was decided to discuss this more, and
again at the next meeting.

Next board meeting will be Feb. 22 at 8 pm EST
Meeting adjourned by Angela Ingraham 9:12 pm EST