Meeting Minutes – 12-17-2015


December 17, 2015 7 PM Central time.

Meeting was held by conference call.

Roll Call – A Quorum was present.

The following were present:

President Angela Ingraham, NY
Vice-President Jack Rowland, NY
Secretary Pro Tem/Treasurer Kim Consol, CA
Region 5 Director Rico Silvera, TN

Not present:
Region 3 Director Deborah Neimann, IL
Region 4 Director Heather Nesler, IA
Advisor to the Board Kevin Fall

Approval of October Minutes

October Meeting Minutes were submitted to board members prior to
meeting for examination. There were no corrections requested. The
President declared the minutes of the October meeting approved.

November Treasurer’s Report

The November 2015 Treasurer’s Report was submitted to board
members prior to meeting for examination. The President asked if
there were any questions and stated that the Treasurer’s Report
would be filed for audit.

Committee reports

Written reports from the Branding Committee, Newsletter & Website
Committee, Finance Committee, Bylaws & Compliance Committee and
Breeders Committee were submitted to the board, prior to the
meeting, for examination.

The President stated that Jack and Rico are working on the wording
of the Reintroduction Proposal. Once the Board reviews the proposal
in January, it will go out to the General membership, along with the
proposal to have future Regional Director nominations and elections
go out via e-mail as opposed to Snail Mail. This will need to be
approved by the membership.

Kim Consol & Jack Rowland questioned the change of voting method,
due to the current AGHA bylaws. Discussion was held regarding how
this can be done in accordance with the bylaws.

Rico added, regarding the Reintroduction Proposal, that he would be
including Susan Williamson and Wendy McDaniel to assist in hashing
out proposals to give to Jack and then Jack will present it to the

Region 2 Director

Jack Rowland made a motion to install Susan (Williamson) as the
Region 2 Director. Motion passed.

Rename Branding Committee

Angela made a motion, which was proposed by Deborah, to rename
and reclassify the branding sub-committee as Publications and PR
committee. None opposed.

TLC ad

Angela made a motion, which was proposed by Deborah, to place a
second 1/4 page ad in TLC in addition to our 1/2 page. Motion passed.

Herd recovery

Kim made a motion that the board will develop a herd recovery
program for known or discovered herds to be included in the AGHA
registry under specific circumstances. Jack, Angela, Rico & Kim
voted in favor. None opposed.

Member letters 

Discussion in regards to the letters from Cathy Payne, the Aldermans
and the Albrittons .
A letter will be written by Angela to them in response.

Kim made a motion that the board will develop a policy and
procedures committee to work on the items addressed in Cathy’s
letter. Angela amended it to say “to create a committee to create a
policy & procedures manual. The committee will be formed after the
new AGHA bylaws are in place.”

After discussion, it was decided that instead of a motion we would
agree to address policies and procedures after we have adopted the
new bylaws.

Online database

Jack gave an update that he has been successful in migrating the
content of the current database, which is Breeder’s Assistant, into
Pedigree Explorer and have validated that one thing that Breeder’s
Assistant doesn’t have, that Pedigree Explorer does, is a data doctor
that will find mistakes in your database. Errors found were verified
not created by the import but within the data that was already in
Breeder’s Assistant. Those will be straightened out before doing the
real transport. There are no current programs that will calculate COI,
but Pedigree Explorer will have that in the next two months. New
forms will have to be made for our specifications.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:03 pm Eastern time.

Submitted for review on Jan. 22, 2015 by Secretary Pro Tem,
Kim Consol

Date of Approval: