Meeting Minutes – 10-22-2015


October 22, 2015 7 PM Central time.

Meeting was held by conference call.

The following people were present:

President Angela Ingraham, NY
Secretary Pro Tem/Treasurer Kim Consol, CA
Region 1 Director Jack Rowland, NY
Region 3 Director Deborah Neimann-Boehle, IL
Region 5 Director Rico Silvera, TN
Absent: Region 4 Director Heather Nesler, IA

Meeting called to Order 8 pm Eastern time

Roll Call – A Quorum was present.

September Treasurer’s Report

After questions & answers, the Treasurer’s Report was filed for audit.

Old Business

Beardsley litter dispersal

Jack Rowland made a motion “that we do not transport the pigs any
place but New York, for the time being, until we figure out where they
go.” Motion was seconded. After discussion, the vote was held and the
motion passed, unanimously.

Deborah Neimann-Boehle made a motion “that we have an auction to
sell the Beardsley piglets.” Motion was seconded. After discussion, a
vote was held by roll call. Angela, Jack, Deborah & Rico voted to pass
the motion. Kim voted against it. Motion carried.

Annual Membership Meeting notice

Kim Consol made a motion “to decide who will write up and how we
will send out the annual membership meeting notice.” Motion was not
seconded. Matter was discussed but not voted upon.

New Business

Vice Presidential position

The position of Vice President was vacated by Cathy Payne, who
resigned. Kim Consol nominated Jack Rowland for Vice President.
Nomination was seconded. Vote was held by roll call and passed
unanimously in favor of Jack Rowland assuming the position of Vice

Region 2 position

Discussion was held regarding nominations being open for Region 2
Director. No motions or votes were made.

Payment to Kim for TLC conference

Deborah Neimann-Boehle made a motion “to reimburse Kim $224.00
to attend The Livestock Conservancy conference and the breed
organization workshop.” Motion was seconded. Vote was held by roll
call. Angela, Jack, Kim, & Deborah voted yes. Rico abstained. Motion

Melanoma in AGH?

Discussion was held regarding an AGH boar, who may have
melanoma. No motion or vote was made.

Sponenberg’s Color Genetics report

Kim Consol made a motion “to get the information on this Guinea Hog
color report out to the breeders, and decide the best way to do that,
whether by breed description, Facebook, or website, but to get the
information out there so that all breeders are aware of it.” Motion was
seconded. No vote was taken.

Approval of September Minutes

September Meeting Minutes were submitted to board members prior
to meeting for examination. There were no corrections requested.
President declared the minutes of the September meeting will be filed.

Next regular scheduled meeting

The President stated that the next Board of Directors meeting will be
the Membership Meeting. The date for that meeting is Monday,
November 16, at 8 pm eastern and that the Agenda will be out on Oct.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:12 pm Eastern time.

Submitted for review on Oct. 25, 2015
by Secretary Pro Tem,
Kim Consol

Date of Approval: