Meeting Minutes 12-12-2014

AGHA Board Meeting Minutes December 12, 2014

In attendance:
Ron Farmsworth, President and region 2
Jesse McDaniel, Vice President and region 5
Nancy Gaedke, Treasurer and region 3
Angela Ingraham, Region 1 rep
Cathy Payne, Region 2 rep
Heather Nestler, Region 4 rep
Kim Consol, region 6 rep
Ann Glass missing

Meeting started at 9:05 pm Eastern Time

Old Business:
Ron read minutes from the November monthly meeting.

New Business:
1) The newsletter will come out January 15th. Deadline for articles is January 1. Send to
Ann Glass.
2) The breed description is unchanged. Excessive white is still discouraged.
3) Registration is running smoothly. We have one or two members in Alaska now.
4) Treasurers report presented by Nancy.
Expenses total $2,324.95
Income Total $1,605.00
Balance in all accounts $13,773.79
5) Registration forms – modifications coming that will require ear notches using the
Universal Marking System or ear tags and photographs of hogs. Colored markings
should be noted on the registration form.
6) Request for Logo Use on brochures by a breeder member: We reviewed TLC’s
format for logo use and will develop high quality resolution art and a section for
member’s only to download logos.
7) Cathy Payne is developing a Survey Monkey survey for AGH breeders to assist the
AGHA and to help with research on her Guinea Hog books. She will contact Ann
Glass to get it sent to members through Mail Chimp.
8) It was noted that TLC lists inaccurate breed numbers in their description of the
Guinea Hog (less than 200).
9) Cathy Payne made a motion to donate $500 to The Livestock Conservancy for Silver
Sponsorship. This will provide links to AGHA on The Livestock Conservancy website,
show up on TLC banners and slideshows when promoting the National Conference,
insert AGHA fliers into conference packets, and include live links on TLC’s sponsor
page on their website. This will provide high level exposure of our breed group.
Angela Ingraham seconded a motion, and it passed unanimously. Nancy will make
the arrangements.
10) Discussion on difficulty tracking pigs that have been resold and the ability for
members to track pedigrees further than 3 generations. Ron will contact Jeanette
Beranger regarding how to link breeding software on the website for members only.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:20 pm.

The next board meeting will be Friday, January 9 at 9 pm EST.