Meeting Minutes 11-7-2014

AGHA Board of Directors Minutes

November 7, 2014


Members present: Ron Farnsworth, Kim Consol, Teresa Hord, Nancy Gaedke, Kevin Fall, Angela Ingraham, Jesse McDaniel, Ann Glass

Members absent: Heather Nesler

The next newsletter will go out the middle of January.  A deadline for articles is January 1, 2015.
Jesse will be writing articles about the conferences he will be attending. Ron will write an article about new buyers.

The requirements for the Board Member for Region 2 was discussed and agreed upon.  (That information went out via Mail Chimp to all members.)  Ann will be looking into whether we can make a voting ballot via Mail Chimp for members to vote on nominees.

It was decided that the Breed Description will remain as it is.

Ron is going to see if the online registration form can be changed so that litters must have ear notch numbers or tag numbers on the form before it can be submitted.

This coming calendar year, all litter registrations will require ear notch numbers or tag numbers, along with photos of pigs showing their markings.

Excessive white is discouraged.

No further information on the DNA sampling than from the previous meeting.

Treasurer’s report:

PayPal             $ 271.48
Checking         $4430.33
Savings           $9652.98

The next Board meeting will be 12/12/2014, 9pm Eastern time.