Meeting Minutes 10-3-2014

American Guinea Hog Association

Meeting Minutes

October 3, 2014 9:00pm EST
Present: Ron, Angela, Teresa, and Nancy
Next meeting: November 7, 2015 9:00pm EST

  1. Old Business
    • Nancy is still working on getting the information to Zazzle to update our account.
    • Teresa will work on a form letter that will be included when returning registration forms and litter registration forms to members. It will be sent out to the board for review.
    • Teresa will send off the regional map to Ron to be added to the AGHA website.
    • ECHO Update: Hogs are doing fine.
  2. New Business
    • DNA Testing is back but has not been released yet. More information to come!
    • Ron did an interview with the Newspaper titled, “At Palermo Farm, Rare Guinea Hogs from Unity College Help Till the Soil” by Rachel Ohm.
    • Ron did a radio interview with a Better Homes and Garden affiliate. It will air November 24, 2014.
    • Newsletter Update
      • Need to add that when you call the AGHA be sure to leave a message.
      • Need to advertise a position for a new board member for region 2.
    • Facebook Conversations
      • Inbreeding
        • Ruth will give Ron the contact information of anyone that is registering brother/sister litters. He will contact them to understand why they are breeding this way.
        • Ron verified with other hog registries regarding restricting inbreeding and was advised against not allowing the registries.
        • Look into adding the inbreeding coefficient on litter registrations to better inform the members
      • Breed Standard
        • The breed standard for American Guinea Hogs is located on the website.
        • The board might want to look into tweaking it a little bit but it does not need to be re-written.
        • The board agrees that we do not want to be too specific or picky on the standard or be too loose with it.
        • There are two body types of hogs – fat, rolly-polly type and the tall, leaner type.
      • Create an article addressing new buyers on how to buy an AGH
        • Include Topics such as:
          • Inbreeding Coefficient
          • Breed Standards
          • Lineage
          • Teats
          • Toenails
          • General Health
          • Piglet Litter Size
          • Questions to Ask a Seller
        • Breeder Ethics
          • Look into other hog registries and how the inform their members on
            breeder ethics.
      • Nevada County’s Sustainable Food and Farm Conference January 10-11, 2015
        • Teresa will write up a proposal to the board for the cost of a booth and attendance.
      • Nancy proposed that each regional director find a swine specialty vet to be on call to answer medical questions. The contact information for the vets will be posted on the website.
      • The board was contacted about registering an AGH located in Canada. Due to legalities we do not register AGH outside the United States.
      • Reminder to Ron: Do not schedule the December meeting on 5th.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:48pm EST