Meeting Minutes – 9-24-2015


September 24, 2015 7 PM Central time.

Meeting was held by conference call.

The following people were present:

President Angela Ingraham, NY
Vice-President Cathy Payne, GA
Secretary Heather Nesler, IA
Treasurer Kim Consol, CA
Region 1 Director Jack Rowland, NY
Region 2 Director Cathy Payne, GA
Region 3 Director Deborah Neimann, IL
Region 4 Director Heather Nesler, IA
Region 5 Director Rico Silvera, TN
Advisor to the Board Kevin Fall

A Quorum was present.

Approval of August minutes

August Meeting Minutes were submitted to board members prior to meeting for examination.

Angela Ingraham asked if there was a motion to approve August meeting minutes. Vice President said that we could do that by consensus. No corrections were requested. President ruled the motion “done”.

Treasurer’s Report

August 2015 Report was submitted to board members prior to meeting for examination, and received at the meeting.

By-Laws Committee

By-Laws Committee Report was given by Cathy Payne.

Not for Profit filing update

The President noted that the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State 2015 annual renewal had been made by the Treasurer.

New Business

Rico Silvera made a motion. “My motion was to give Angela the authority to exceed the hundred dollar limit, in order to make all the assets available to Kim, to get a form 990EZ filed as soon as possible. Motion was seconded. Vice President asked for a vote. President asked if there were any Nays and declared the vote as passed. *

Registrar Contract

Cathy Payne made a motion to approve Ruth’s contact at the 55% level. Motion was seconded. President stated that we “not approve” the motion “at this point.” Cathy Payne raised a point of order and called for a vote. This was seconded. Cathy Payne asked for a decision on how the vote would be taken. Deborah Neimann suggested a roll call. Rico Silvera suggested unanimous consent. Heather Nesler requested a roll call vote. The President ruled the contract decision was delayed pending consultation on this matter with the CPA.

The President requested to change the order of the items on the Agenda. Cathy Payne referred to Rules of Order. The President ruled to continue with the change.

Agenda item regarding reimbursement to Kim Consol for National Heirloom Expo exhibit was deemed unnecessary by Kim.

President declared that agenda item to approve CPA to assist Treasurer with implementing QuickBooks be skipped and considered passed due to earlier motion*in meeting.

The Livestock Conservancy Ad

Heather Nesler made a motion “that we advertise in The Livestock Conservancy Breeders Directory and that we do a half page.” Motion was seconded. The President asked for all in agreement. All votes were “aye”.

Rico made a motion “that the initial design work, subject to board approval, be given to Deborah, under her chair, of the organization Branding sub committee of the Breeder’s Committee, to get her own team, to take input from all members of the board and to present a design for our approval.” Motion was seconded. No vote was taken on this motion.

The President stated that Litter Registration update would be tabled until October and discussion on will be by email.


Breeder’s Committee Report

Breeder’s Committee Report was submitted to board members prior to meeting for examination.

Rico Silvera gave a report on the actions of the Breeder’s Committee, focusing primarily on obtaining the Beardsley Zoo piglets for a fundraiser. Angela Ingraham contributed details to the report.

Cathy Payne stated a point of order, that she felt intimidated by Rico. The President ruled that Cathy “did not need to be intimidated.”

Kim Consol made a motion “to postpone it indefinitely, this discussion” (re: obtaining the piglets) due to “conflict of interest to the board.” Motion was seconded. President stated that she disagreed and would not vote to postpone it.

Rico made a motion “to propose that we have authority to go forward with identifying a loaner pig, to coming up with a $600. donation to Beardsley and taking possession of the piglets, and then in subsequent meetings, come up with a board approved method for dispersal.” Motion was seconded. The President requested that Rico repeat the motion, and Rico made the motion, “that per the Breeder’s Committee Report, that the Board of Directors approve taking possession of the Beardsley piglets and following through with our $600. donation, and at a future meeting we will flush out their dispersal, whether it be barbecue or auction.” Motion was seconded. Voting was by roll call. Rico Silvera stated Motion carried 4 to 3.

Membership Meeting

President stated that the Executive Committee would meet and discuss the agenda for the Membership Meeting.

Next regular scheduled meeting

Cathy Payne made a motion “that our calendar be cleared in the October meeting, to finalize the reports and information needed for the November 16 meeting.” The President asked that the motion be repeated. Cathy repeated the motion as “that the priority in the October meeting be to plan and practice for the Annual (Membership) Meeting.” No second was made. President ruled that it would be covered in the Executive Meeting.

The President stated that the next Board of Directors meeting would be Thursday, October 22, at 8 pm eastern and that the Agenda will be out on Oct. 8.

Meeting was adjourned at 9 pm Central time..

Submitted for review on Oct. 21, 2015
by Secretary Pro Tem,
Kim Consol

Date of Approval: Oct. 21, 2015