Meeting Minutes 8-29-2008

American Guinea Hog Association
Board of Directors Meeting August 29, 2008

Started at 8:10 PM EST, closed 9:45 PM
Members present: Jim Barnett, President; Kevin Fall, Vice President; Paul Krumm, Treasurer
Non-Attendees: S. Sullivan, M.Elston, D. Oberdorfer

The meeting opened by going over the minute notes of Kevin from the last meeting, as there was a necessity to clarify decisions made at that time. Due to family issues, Matt Elston has been unable to compose the minutes of that meeting.

  1. First on the agenda was the clarification of the process of registration. Some decisions had to be revisited.
    1. It was decided that the standard way to deal with registration was to have the breeder send to the Registrar a litter registration form for each litter. The Registrar would respond by assigning permanent registration numbers to each animal in that litter. This process is to be completed within 90 days after the birth of the litter. The charge for this service was placed at $10. Pictures will no longer be required.Effective 01- 0 1 -09
    2. When pigs are sold from the litter, the breeder will send to the Registrar, or give to the buyer to send to the Registrar, a Transfer Form. On this form the breeder or the buyer will place the name and registration number of the animal along with all pertinent Seller/Buyer information. The Registrar will respond by issuing a registration certificate to the buyer. The breeder is responsible for payment of this transfer fee, however it is acknowledged that the buyer may ultimately pay for the service as a part of the sale, if the breeder wishes to do so. The fee for this service was set at $10 per animal, based on a motion from Paul, seconded by Kevin.Effective 01-01-09
    3. If a breeder wishes to register an animal of known parentage that was part of a litter that did not have a litter registration, the charge for this service was set at $10. No picture will be required for regular litter registration. If an adult animal is offered for registration that is not of known parentage, that animals registration must be considered by the Board of Directors. Pictures, DNA and other documentation will be required for such registrations.
    4. If a non-AGHA member wishes to register animals the fee schedule is as follows: for litter registration, $30; transfer fee, $25; individual hog registration, $40.Effective 01-01-09
  2. Jim offered to muddle through the process of making out new forms to put on the web site. The other board members thanked him for taking on this responsibility.
  3. There followed a discussion of an annual meeting for 2008. The ALBC annual meeting is coming up on September 19-21, but only one board member was expecting to attend. Earlier we had discussed having our annual meeting at that time. Anyone who plans to attend the ALBC annual meeting could help with promoting the guinea hog. Jim and Shirley are attending the ALBC annual meeting at Tiller’s International in Missouri.
  4. Shirley is giving a presentation on Guinea Hogs at an ALBC sponsored Swine Initiative in Columbia Missouri on Nov. 8th and 9th. Board members felt they could attend this gathering, and that it would be better to schedule the annual meeting then. Paul offered to write a note on the Guinea Hog listserv advising members of this function.
  5. There was a short discussion of the breed description. Jim offered to call Kirk, who had written the basic breed description to ask about it, and to inquire about Matt’s situation.
  6. There was a discussion of when to close the registry for animals that are not now known to the association. It was decided that after Dec 31, 2008 no new animals would be accepted without board approval. It was also decided that pictures would not be necessary for litter registration, except for
    unknown animals.
  7. The meeting concluded with a discussion of member dues. It was decided that if a member comes in after June 30 of a given year, that they would be charged $10 for dues for that year. The following year they would be responsible for the usual $20 dues. Effective 01-01-09

Respectfully submitted,
Paul Krumm