Meeting Minutes 3-11-2011

American Guinea Hog Association
Board of Director’s Meeting March 11, 2011

An AGHA Board Meeting was held via conference call on March 11, 2011, starting at 8:00 PM EST.

The following Board Members were in attendance: Kevin Fall, Paul Krumm, Nancy Gaedke, Victoria Patton, Scott Wall and Cynthia Fort-Lewis. Courtney Lemm and Don Oberdorfer joined in a few minutes later.


The agenda items were discussed as follows;

Kevin Fall read the last board minutes and asked for a motion of approval – motion in favor of accepting Kevin’s notes for last board meeting, seconded, all agreed and motion passed.

Treasurer Report: At the end of the Board of Directors Meeting on December 3rd, 2010 the balance in AGHA bank account was $5,590.00. Currently as of this Board Meeting the balance is at $8,800.00. Expenditures have been for a laptop for the registrar with installed registration software. Additional expenditures are for paper, ink, postage, envelopes and misc. office supplies to handle registration certificates. Additional expenditures for the website and the URL and hosting costs were discussed and a motion was passed and approved.

1. Kevin Fall and Don Oberdorfer discussed the genetic testing work that is currently being completed. When the final report is received it will be shared. Also discussed was work being done by ALBC and in their support of the AGH project. Don Oberdorfer clarified the current policy that an individual of an AGH that cannot currently be registered can receive their own genetic testing of their hogs by a hair sample and at a cost of $165.00 in order to have their hogs registered. Paul added that we are still working on getting the markers and interpretations on makers for the genetic testing.

2. Advertising, its effects, anticipated gain and costs were shared by each Board Member who had researched various current publications. It was motioned and passed to pursue an ad and costs for a classified ad to be placed in Mother Earth News.

3. The AGHA website, costs and expected completion of the new site and with added features of PayPal, forums, online registration and monitoring of the AGHA site was discussed and approved to go live within a two week period. Discussion was entered into regarding the Yahoo Forum site and when and how that site would be deleted and switched over to the new site. Further discussion was tabled until more input was obtained. It was motioned to proceed with needed completion and expenses for the new website. Motion was carried and passed.

4. Kevin Fall stated that Scott Fharcurg from U MN (?) was working to find origin for Guinea Hogs for us. No call back to Kevin as of yet.

5. Discussion was opened regarding the AGHA newsletter and having it published on a regular basis and what should be included. The general consensus was that every member can contribute to the newsletter; definite sections would be included such as care, housing, feed, breeding, recipes, possible contests and general related articles. Motion was carried and passed for the new development of the newsletter. Along the same line was discussion on marketing ideas and strategies that have worked or have not. Discussion on establishing a confirmation of the guinea hog breed brought some diverse ideas and comments and the Board Members agreed to come back to this issue later.

6. Kevin Fall and Nancy Gaedke discussed the current registration procedures and in setting up the procedures for the website. Snail mail is still acceptable. Discussion continued regarding registration paperwork that is not filled out correctly, lost paperwork replaced and replaced at no cost to the breeder or owner and the AGHA current growth rate and how it affects turn around time of paperwork. All in attendance agreed on set guidelines and that they would be posted on the website under registration procedures. Additional discussion was regarding a possible percentage to the registrar compensation and work efforts. Also discussed was the current issue of keeping membership up to date and in whether billing of a member should take place and what to do about expired membership regarding new registration of hogs. It was agreed and passed that new procedures would be posted on the website for all to follow. A motion was passed and approved.

7. Kevin Fall opened discussion regarding a 501c3 that would need to be completed and filed with the federal government for individuals that would like to donate monies to the AGHA. Discussion was heard and all members of the board agreed to pursue the information and to proceed with the paperwork and filing of the necessary forms.

Kevin Fall proposed the next board meeting to be held on April 16, 2011, all agreed and the time will be set later.

Meeting was adjourned and concluded at 10:30 EST.

Respectfully submitted on July 16, 2011
Cynthia Fort-Lewis,
AGHA Secretary