Where Do We Go From Here?

What Happens to the Boars?

Pigs are prolific! We are registering nearly as many males as females and that can be a problem. As you can imagine, a family farm needs only one boar, or two at the most. What happens to all those boars? Breeders who are only promoting guinea hogs from their farms as breeding stock will find that they have lots of males left after their stock sale.

Perhaps it is time to think differently. The guinea hog, as historically related, was a multi-purpose farm animal that served several functions, one of which was to provide food for the table. In order to maintain and grow the population we have worked hard to accomplish, and to partake in the resurgance of locally raised foods, it is time to get the word out.

Please check this page often or when announcements are made on the home page for tips, articles and suggestions for managing a strong, healthy and vibrant guinea hog population.