News From the Registry

Hello guinea hog enthusiasts! We have great news on the guinea hog population front. In January 2011 the 1,111th guinea hog was entered into the registry. Although this does not necessarily mean that there are 1,000 animals (or there may be more), it is a phenomenal showing of the dedication and hard work of our AGHA member breeders.

We are holding steady with our new piglet registrations.  During 2014 we have had 1087 piglet registered.

We have a long way to go even though we’ve come so far! We need the help of many more stewards.

If you are considering adding guinea hogs to your farm, please contact one of our member breeders. Members, interested in how to best serve the breed’s population going forward? Click here.

Registrar: Ruth Bennett, AGHA, Inc.
594 Citrus Trl
Lake Placid FL 33852