Caring for Pigs in Hot Weather

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Did You Know – Pigs Can’t Sweat?

Pigs cannot sweat and therefore must have specific conditions met in order to cope with hot weather. They require shade of some sort, as well as plenty of water to drink. A wallow is beneficial, but in the absence of this, there are other ways to cool down your pigs.

Concrete blocks tied to the hog panels keep C.G. from moving this pen around. Photo courtesy of Kevin Fall.
Fall Farm, IA

To the right is a photo of a Guinea Hog inside a portable pen that is placed in shade and has a bit of plywood attached to provide shade and shelter. Visit the Portable Pens page for more photos and information about keeping Guinea Hogs in various types of portable fencing.

How to Cool Down Your Pigs

It is not advisable to hose down a hot pig with cold water; this can cause shock to the system. If a pig is over heated, cool down their feet first by providing them with some water to walk in or by hosing their feet.

North Carolina’s Bud & Pookie



To the left are a pair of pigs getting a drink in the North Carolina summer using a kiddie wading pool.





Now that is a Wallow!

And, of course, the pigs’ favorite is a wallow; a depression in the dirt filled with water.If a pond or wet spot is not available, the farmer merely hoses down a low spot in their pasture or pen, and the pig will do the work. Keep filling it as often as needed and the pigs will continue to “sculpt” the area, thus creating a perfect depression in which they can wallow to cool off and cover their skin with protective mud.