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American Guinea Hog Association Registration/Transfer Procedures

As of March 01, 2009, the AGHA Registry is a closed registry. In a closed registry, the parents of future stock to be included in the registry must be registered. This ensures that the animals are an accurate representation of the breed. All animals registered are descended from the foundation stock. Exceptions to this are animals/herds which are evaluated and accepted through the Genetics Recovery Program, passed by the membership in November of 2016.  The document can be found on the opening page after logging in.

In order to facilitate the registration process for its membership, the Board of Directors of the American Guinea Hog Association has updated the registration procedures as of November 01, 2023 follows:

Litter Registration:

It shall be the responsibility of the breeder to register his/her litter’s breeding stock within 90 days of birth or prior to the sale of the first piglet from the litter, which ever occurs first. This form should be used when litter is from registered parents. The fee to register each piglet is $5. Litter registration will result in a permanent registration number being assigned to each hog for life. Should a breeder chose to wait longer than 90 days to register piglets in an effort to further evaluate them for breeding stock, the piglets may be registered at $10 per piglet using an individual Hog Registration form. No photographs required. Unless requested at time of litter registration, individual registration certificates are not issued for animals being retained from a litter by the breeder. Should a breeder desire individual certificate(s), a fee of $5 per certificate shall be mailed to the registrar either with the Litter Registration Application or any time after a permanent registration number is obtained for said animal(s). The fee covers the cost of processing and postage. Please take the time to enter accurate litter information as well as specific markings on each piglet, if any are evident. If piglet is black, write black. If piglet has white points, please be specific as to the location and amount of white, i.e. pink spot between nostrils. The Litter Registration Form also requests additional information which is vital to tracking the health of the Guinea Hog population.

Piglets that are being registered MUST have either an ear tag with an AGHA pre-approved Tag prefix plus a unique farm number or an 840 tag. Animals without either tag type will not be registered. 

Hog Registration Application

Only a breeder who is an AGHA member in good standing may complete this form for registration of any animal intended for breeding from registered parentage that was not part of a previously registered litter. The fee to register each hog is $10. This application is used for both adult hogs not previously registered and piglets over the age of 90 days that were not previously registered on a Litter Registration.

Authorization to Transfer:

The breeder should use an Authorization to Transfer for each hog sold from a registered litter that has not yet been issued an embossed registration certificate. The fee is $10 per animal sold or otherwise transferred to a new owner. The Authorization for Transfer must have the individual hog’s permanent registration number listed. An embossed registration certificate will be issued to the new owner.

Transfer of a Registered Hog:

Upon transfer of any hog that has previously had an individual certificate issued, the seller must use one of two options:  online or mail-in.  If an online transfer is chosen, the seller shall destroy or  invalidate the original registration upon receipt of the new embossed certificate by the new owner. Invalidation occurs by marking the certificate with “Sold” across the front.  In this case, the certificate does not need to be mailed back to the Registrar. When choosing the mail-in option, the original embossed certificate with complete buyer information filled in at the bottom of the certificate, signed and dated by the seller must be returned to the Registrar with the applicable fee. Under no circumstances will a new certificate be issued prior to receipt of the existing certificate and fee by the Registrar if a mail-in option is chosen.

A fee of $10 per animal sold or otherwise transferred to a new owner is due at that time regardless of the fee stated on the certificate. Upon receipt, an embossed registration certificate will be issued to the new owner in their name.

Deceased Hogs:

The owner of any deceased hog that has a permanent registration number is required to return the original Registration Certificate to the AGHA within 30 days of death. Please note the date and cause of death on front of certificate, including butcher hogs. If no certificate exists beyond the litter certificate, please notify the Registrar by USPS or email.

Failure to fill in the forms properly or failure to include the proper fee will result in rejection of application(s).

The applicant must be a member in good standing prior to submission of any application.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for paperwork to be processed.

Amended 1-2017 || Rev. 8-2023