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via teleconference

Tuesday November 15th at 8PM Eastern (7PM CST, 5PM PST)
Teleconference phone number 1-302-202-1106
code # 142394

All are welcome to participate.

Your vote is needed for two important proposals

1. An updated set of Bylaws has been prepared with the help of Not-for-Profit Attorney Jessica Birken. This will replace our original Bylaws and is in compliance with rules governing 501(c)(5) Non-Profit Organizations as well as following all Minnesota laws, the state in which the ALBC is incorporated. Please find a link to the proposed Bylaws below for your consideration
2016 AGHA Bylaws

2. The Genetics Recovery Initiative has been carefully prepared by the board for the purpose of recovering genetics which are absent or under represented in the AGHA Registry. When the herd book was closed in 2006, there existed Purebred Guinea Hogs which, for various reasons, were not registered. These hogs/herds have been maintained with written and/or oral records for generations. This proposal allows for applications to be submitted and, with strict guidelines followed, inclusion into the AGHA Registry may be possible. The proposal protects the future purity of the breed while allowing reintroduction of important bloodlines into the gene pool. Please find a link to the Genetics Recovery Initiative below for your consideration
AGHA Genetics Recovery Initiative

Voting period October 10th through November 10th. Results will be announced at the General Membership Meeting via teleconference November 15th

***Voting will be conducted by an outside firm. PLEASE WATCH YOUR E-MAIL for a ballot from ELECTIONBUDDY. This e-mail may come to your Spam or Promotions folder, so please be on the look out. The e-mail will assign you a personalized code to enter when voting, insuring security.

If you need help or have any questions, please contact Angela at

Thank you, the success of our Association depends on YOU!

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American Guinea Hog Association

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The AGHA is an organization with emphasis in the preservation of the American Guinea Hog. The AGHA promotes and supports the breeding of healthy Guinea Hogs while maintaining genetic diversity. This registry belongs to all American Guinea Hog Association members and as such, all voices will be heard and welcomed.

Guinea Hog

The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy (ALBC) classifies Guinea Hogs as critical on the Conservation Priority List.

The American Guinea Hog Association was formed in 2005 to preserve this rare breed for future generations of farmers and ranchers wanting a smaller pig to produce pork for the family on farms and homesteads.

Whether able to partake in the physical preservation of this great breed, an interested observer, or someone looking to purchase products from our membership, we welcome you.


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