Why Raise American Guinea Hogs? The Ideal, Sustainable, Heritage Farm Pig


Because the breed is  endangered – 

  • DNA verified as a unique hog species
  • classified as threatened by the Livestock Conservancy
  • valuable genetic resource

Because they are a pleasure to work with – 

  • laid-back disposition makes them a pleasure to have around
  • gets along well with other farm livestock
  • moderate size at maturity (averages 150-350 lbs.)
    • makes home processing easier
    • makes day-to-day handling easier
    • easier on farm infrastructure
    • size variability offers something for every farm and farmer

Because they are hardy and thrifty – 

  • excellent foragers
  • require far less supplemental feed than larger breeds
  • improve utilization of farm resources
    • work well in livestock rotation systems
    • perfect for rejuvenating unused acreage
  • adapt well to all climates
  • sows normally farrow easily and without assistance.

Because their meat has excellent flavor and texture-

  • juvenile hogs make top notch roasters.
  • mature hogs (15+ months of age) provide a nice, well-marbled carcass.
  • American Guinea Hogs produce pork with unparalleled flavor, texture, and quality – far superior to grocery store pork
  • the meat is delectable with a hearty flavor profile
  • the fat is a creamy, melts-in-your-mouth delight
  • muscle:fat ratio is ideal for charcuterie
AGHA pork



Because their nutritious lard is also quite useful—

  • cooking
  • soap making
  • candle making
  • skin care products
making candles