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Posted On June 10, 2017
Expires On August 19, 2017
Cost $75 to $150

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Purebred AGH piglets for sale in western NY: 5 females born 4/19/17(out of 7 piglet litter), 1 female, 1 male born 4/21/17( out of 6 piglet litter), weaned and thriving.Litters are registered except for the 6 barrows.  The COI is 9.4%.      Asking $150 each for the registered,  $75 each for the barrows, but will do a deal on multiples.

The sire of both litters is HCF Decatur #6010, mother’s are full sisters (1) Flint and Steel Bluebell #6530, and(2) Flint and Steel Opal #6531. I had planned on neutering all the males, but one of Bluebell’s boys stood out and I figured I’d give him a chance.

Also, have decided one sow is enough for us (13 piglets, even keeping 3 for the freezer, is more than enough), and would rather not breed again this year. So, if anyone is interested in a nice 2 yr old boar, or a mature sow, please keep us in mind. Price negotiable, or might even swap for other animal or whatever else I might be interested in.

video may be seen on facebook AGH. Photos will be available